My 5 Favorite Long Books

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As someone who loves fantasy reading books with 600 pages or more is pretty normal. The fantasy genre loves long books and I love long books so this post is dedicated to my favorite fantasy books and series that are over 600 pages (at least according to the default edition when I checked Goodreads). I decided to keep my list to only 5 so there are definitely some favorite series that aren’t represented here.

First on my list coming in at 845 pages is Wizard and Glass by Stephen King which is the 4th book in the Dark Tower series. I have a lot of feelings about the Dark Tower ranging from bad to great depending on which book you are talking about, but Wizard and Glass is easily my favorite of the series. This book has one of the series main characters telling a story from when he was younger. And wow did I love that story. You could probably read it as a stand alone if you skipped the first bit and the last bit of the book and isolated the story and it would like stand really well on its own.

The next book on this list is The High Lord by Trudi Canavan. This is the conclusion to the Black Magician trilogy and weighs in at 644 pages. This series follows Sonea, a girl born and raised in the slums of her city, who is discovered to have magical abilities in a world where those abilities usually only appear in upper class. So the Magician’s Guild starts to hunt her down so they can train her to control her magic before it’s too late. The series follows her journey to learning her powers as well as some other adventures she gets into along the way. I love this series and would highly recommend it. I thought The High Lord was a great conclusion to the series and so it makes its way onto this list.

Next on the list at 640 pages is A Blight of Mages by Karen Miller. This book is a prequel book to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology and while I liked the duology I liked this prequel book even more. It takes place a few hundred years before the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology and this book takes a dive into the story of characters who are now part of the lore of the “present day” and how the setting of the others books got to be the way that it is. Maybe it’s because I have not often come across lore origin story books like this one but something about that premise really hooked me. And even though I knew how it was going to end since I’d read the main series first it did not diminish from the enjoyment of this book and I think the author did a good job writing this story and keeping it engaging despite the readers knowing how it ends up.

The Gentlemen Bastard series is one of my favorite fantasy series of all time. And The Lies of Locke Lamora, coming in at 722 pages, is probably my favorite of the 3 installments that have been published as of this post. I love everything about this book. I loved the Venice inspired canal setting. I loved the con artist character angle. I loved the world building and thought this series was just so fun to read. This series is one of my default series recommendations for people and I eagerly await the release of the 4th book.

The last book in this list is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which is 734 pages. This is and always has been my favorite Harry Potter book, which doesn’t seem to be the most popular opinion. I have always really liked reading about the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament. I loved being able to learn a little bit more about the greater Wizarding World with the introduction of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. I thought the Yule Ball always sounded really fun. And dragons are cool and there are several dragons in this one.

5 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Long Books

  1. I love The Lies of Locke Lamora! I finally read it last year and I can’t believe it took me so long to read – I can’t wait to return to the series this year. 🙂

    I haven’t read any Trudi Canavan but I’d really like to give the Black Magician Trilogy a try. I’m glad to hear you thought it ended well!


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