Fantasy Cover Love

This post was written this month as part of the Wyrd and Wonder fantasy blog event. Find out more about this event here.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. The old saying that everyone knows, but let’s be real we don’t follow. While I usually don’t let a bad cover turn me off from a book I am definitely guilty of being pulled into a book only because its cover is pretty. I also love covers that are really reflective of the feel of the story inside them. Covers give first impressions and if my initial impression of a book based on the cover turns out to be exactly right I end up loving that cover even more.

First up is a long time favorite of mine from my childhood. The Inkheart books by Cornelia Funke. These covers always enchanted me as a child and I loved how they were like little windows into the books which goes really well with the story.

The next series on this list is the Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden. The paintings on these covers are just so beautiful. Despite finishing this series months ago I haven’t taken them off my mini bedside bookshelf because I don’t want to hide the covers yet. I also love how the tone of each cover goes from darker to lighter and think it really captures the tone of the series.

Next on my list is the Tensorate series by JY Yang. These stories have an Asian inspired setting and so I love how the covers follow that theme. The art style is something that I have not seen on other books I’ve been reading and I really like it.

The last series on my list today is The Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan. This is one of my all time favorite series and the covers are what initially drew me in. They’re totally different from what I usually see when browsing the fantasy section of the book store and I love the scientific style artwork on these covers.

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